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Meet our Humans

We have great people with lots of experience. Your pets are in good hands.

Dr. Suzanne Chenard-Albrecht

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Suzanne comes to us with many years of veterinary practice and surgery (but we're not saying she's old).

Dr. Suzanne is a multi-tasker and she maintains a farm with chickens, horses, donkeys, 3 kids and a husband! She is also an avid dog lover and shows and breeds her favourite breed, the Irish Wolfhound.

Dr. Denise Green

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Denise has been doing veterinary surgery for over 30 years. She's a hard-working, fun-loving gal who likes to stay busy and enjoy life!

Dr. Denise will be running some Northern Spay and Neuter Outreach Programs in the near future. She looks forward to flying into some remote areas to help out and perhaps do a little horseback riding!

Dr. Julia Brown

Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Julia graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1989 and has been working in small animal clinical practice ever since. 

When Dr. Julia is not hard at work in the clinic, she's hard at work in her garden! She is also a lifetime member of Canada's oldest Town Band, the Perth Citizen's Band.

Tracey Gaskell

Registered Veterinary Technician

Tracey is our lead RVT, so basically runs the place! She keeps everything organized, assists our surgeons, and makes sure our patients are comfortable. Fun fact... Tracey was a Covid bride! Her bridal party all wore masks to match their outfits!

April MacKay

Registered Veterinary Technician

April is calm, cool and collected. She's awesome in a busy clinic and can keep us on track and on time. The reason she's so calm under pressure? She makes bath bombs in her spare time! We're hoping she'll bring some to the next staff potluck :)

Jenna Stewart

Veterinary Assistant

Jenna is an animal lover, a kid lover, and a cowgirl! She lives on a working horse ranch with her husband and 2 young boys. She loves working with us because it's easier than working on the ranch. Jenna makes sure our patients have a smooth recovery.

Kristen Coligan

Veterinary Assistant

Kristen may fool you as the quiet one who calmly gets the job done, but she's no slouch when it comes to handling big dogs! Kristen is a big part of why our clinic runs so smoothly, and why all of our patients are so well behaved!

Barbara Bacon

Hospital Administrator

Barb is an avid runner and cyclist and has competed in over 100 half-marathons (we're not sure why). She is our "Jill" of All Trades when it comes to running the clinic. You want something done, just ask Barb! Barb is involved with kitten fostering and often brings her kittens to visit at the clinic. After all, she practically lives there!

Renee Parent


If you've ever called the clinic, you've spoken to Renee! Renee moved all the way from Edmonton to come and work with us. She was up for a new adventure and she loves to travel, so a brand new clinic was right up her alley. Fun fact...Renee has hiked the El Camino Trail...twice!

Steph Ripley

Veterinary Assistant

Steph is a VA who has a special place in her heart for all dogs.  She's the gal who does the snuggling AND the clean-up!  Steph is originally from the east coast and hopes to feel those ocean breezes again soon, while she works on her jigsaw puzzles and circuit!